Willing to pay for small program
tom kotsiopoulos  [5 posts]
17 year

The RR program seems perfect for what I want to do. I am short on time at the moment and I want to see if someone is willing to write a small program to get me going. I am willing to pay for this.

I need a webcam to look at a moving belt. In each frame I need to threshold a blob to a minimum size, determine the maximum pixel value and if over a preset value I want to trigger an output pulse in the parallel port to drive a relay.

If there is anyone interested in this please contact me.


Tom Kaye

tomattomkayedotcom  (decode to send me email)
Object Inspection Job
17 year

Would it be possible to include two images in a posting here for us to get a better idea of what the thresholding would entail. Ideally the two images would be from an accepted part and one from a unaccepted part. These images should be as close as possible to what the final setup (i.e. lighting, distance, etc) will be.

I am also assuming that only one part is visible at a time by the overhead camera?

How long does the Parallel port pulse need to be? Are you running a stepper motor directly from the parallel port or is it just a trigger signal/value for another device?

If noone contacts you privately we'd be happy to help out.

tom kotsiopoulos  [5 posts] 17 year

Thanks for the reply!  I actually figured it all out last night and got my system working really, really well. I take it your part of the software team and if so BRAVO! You all did a great job.

I will be giving a talk at a symposium about this automated sorting system and your program will be featured.


Anonymous 17 year

That's great!! We're glad you could manage the system and figure out your project.

Mentioning RoboRealm at the symposium would be fantastic. We can always use more help in getting the work out. Thanks very much! Just out of curiosity which symposium is it?  We try to attend many trade shows and lectures in the US.

tom kotsiopoulos  [5 posts] 17 year

I will be speaking at the Tate Museum in Casper Wyoming begining of June. Its the Tate Geological Conference. I have developed (with help from your software) a fully automated micro-fossil sorting machine. You pour gravel with fossils into this thing and it separates out the important fossils automatically.  First time its ever been done.

I was trying to use a photo multiplier tube but your software worked out better.


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