high speed line followers robot
Atoosa from Iran  [2 posts]
14 year
there is a line with junction that robots should follow the line ,which means it should use more than two light sensor.
the robot should follow the line as fast as possible.My robot could follow but not that fast ,I need help with the plan of the new program.
if some body could explain me the plan ,that would be great!?
Anonymous 14 year

Are you using a camera or just two light sensor?

We've found that the trick to speed is looking ahead far enough. In the case of a camera you would tilt the camera more up in order to look further ahead. When this happens you could increase the speed of the robot. So basically the speed of the robot is related to the tilt of the camera. The tilt would happen when the robot sees a straight enough line and decrease when a curvature appears.

Atoosa from Iran  [2 posts] 14 year
Hi STeven
unfortunately I can't use camera.but It is ok to use as many as light sensor I need.


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