Missile Launcher not firing
Dave from United States  [1 posts]
14 year
I have launcher working in all direction except the launcher.
When I click on the fire button it simply says loading and does not fire.

Please Help !!!!
Anonymous 14 year

What is saying "loading"? Is that something appearing in the USB GUI module? Or is this some other application that you are using?
Philip from United States  [1 posts] 14 year
I have the same problem...its the launcher GUI that says loading.  This happens with a version of the Dream Cheeky software I downloaded online.  The version that came in box looks different but when you press fire it becomes unresponsive except for exiting.  This is the case for both modules.
Anonymous 13 year
I wrote the company.  they said that when the product sits for a long time, the motor gets stuck.  take the unit and turn it upside down and bang it on a table a few times.  this dislodges the motor.  sounds crazy but i did it and it worked.  the software on the site works much better.  hope this helps

Most likely the problem is caused by the motor for firing missiles being jammed. The store where you bought the Launcher may have kept it in stock for a while; and when the motor has been standing still for a long time, it may get stuck.

In order to unlodge the motor, you may have to resort to the following somewhat extreme sounding measure. Hold the launcher up side down and then knock it a few times with its top on the table. This will probably get the motor working properly again.

Thank you & Best regards,

Charley Drake,
Matta NZ from New Zealand  [1 posts] 12 year
Charley Drake  YOU THE MAN !  :)

Gave it a few slaps arounds still wouldn't fire, gave it one more slapping with it up right and a few slaps to the side of the base with my hand - Boom she fired.  Works good now !

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