want to calculate distance between 2 point
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14 year
how can i calculate a distance between 2 point.example i click the mouse at a and then click the mouse at b..then the distance a and b automatic being calculate..help me..coz im new.
Anonymous 14 year
i also want to know about this
Anonymous 14 year
See attached robofile.

Click once and then twice on the image to get a result.

Anonymous 14 year
emm..steven..the distance that being calculate in what unit  si?cm..mm...?cam we convert it automatically to si unit that we want?
Anonymous 14 year
The distance is in pixels. The actual physical distance will depend on the distance of your camera to the object being measured which will depend on your specific setup.

The easiest way you determine this is to put a ruler in front of the camera at the distance you want to measure and then measure a known distance. Given the number of pixels the distance is and a known distance in cm, mm, or whatever you use you know have a scaling factor that you can multiply the number of pixels by to get the actual size.

Note that this factor will change depending on the distance to the object ... so that HAS to stay the same.


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