using rotate and translate module to stitch 4 camares
Yong Tao  [3 posts]
13 years
I am trying to stitch a panaroma by using four cameras fixed on ceiling.
I used translate and rotate module.\
The problem is that:
Rotate module works quite well for one image.

However, when I used mosaic module to stitch four images together, rotated image had something wrong like this:

Yong Tao  [3 posts] 13 years
this is program
Anonymous 13 years

The mosaic module had an error with that particular image size. When you rotate an image the rotate module was expanding the image slightly to keep the entire image in view. This new size was causing the Mosaic module to want to resize the image back down to 320x240 which is were the error was. This error has now been fixed in 2.4.5 BUT you will notice that the image is still being resized and therefore is smaller than its counterparts. What you will need to do is to edit the Rotate module and select "Retain image size" in order to allow for the rotation to happen but keep exactly the 320x240 image size. Doing so will prevent the Mosaic module from resizing the image into a 320x240 block and will better align with the other images.

Please download the latest RR version before attempting this as the "Retain image size" is a new option JUST added to the Rotate module to help solve your particular issue.

Anonymous 13 years
Thanks a lot. the new version solves my problem perfectly!

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