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Is there any chance that there will be an Student license for roborealm for all young ppl who used this great software for learning purposes before the expensive licensing began? 90$ is waaay to much for a student.
Dave from United States  [84 posts] 15 year
Yeah, to expensive for my pockets when your on disability and use it just to run a webcam. Maybe they should come out with a limited free lite version. All the things RoboRealm can do, I use it for nothing but FTPing a picture to my website and be able to move the cam. For $90.00 I can do without either. If I was into robotics, it might be a differnt story. I can get other programs to FTP an image to my host site, but I'm don't want to pay $90.00 just so I can pan/tilt a cam a few degrees.

Or maybe make a lite version version that is a full version but after the trial period it falls back to the lite version?
Anonymous 15 year
Anonymous student,

Please use the contact form (accessed from the above menu item 'Contact') to get special student pricing.


Agreed, $89.00 is probably too much for a simple FTP type application. That's not the best usage of RoboRealm but just happens to be one of the things you can configure it to do. There are many other FTP applications for much less that will probably suffice for your purposes. For example, have you had a look at AbleCam?


That might be more along the lines of what you are looking for.


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