Calculate Angle of an Arrow
Idan from United States  [2 posts]
15 year
I am trying to calculate the angle of an arrow (with respect to an angle pointing upwards). These are the images I am using for the testing. I have experimented with the function Shape_Matching with the training image being the arrow pointing upwards. However, the angle orientation output only seems to be correct for multiples of 90 degree turns. Other angles give strange results, For example, when running the function on this arrow at a 45 degree angle it outputs 359 degrees. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Davide Fabbri from Italy  [8 posts] 15 year
Hi Idan, basically you need:

- create a sample image for training, a black and white image ( arrow in white and background in black, as the one contained in the folder 'match' )
- train the shape_match module on the previously created image
- then you have to apply some sort of filtering on your image to convert it from colour to black and white ( on your crisp digital image I simply added a threshold and a negative modules, if you acquire the image via a camera you'll need to remove noise also )

See the attached robo file.

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