max pixel in a image
henk rieuwers from Netherlands  [3 posts]
13 years
Hi everyone, i like to create a image with a webcam. like a camerafilm with the lens open for let say 30 minutes.  i use Arithmetic,Math,Maximum
the point is: how to reset the image after 30 minutes so that i start with a blank image? ( i want to use this for comets detection)
tnx in advance, henk
Anonymous 13 years
I assume that you are adding current image ontop of the last? So all that is needed is to make the last image blank?

If this is the case I would use the Button module to create a single button that will set a variable called "reset" to 1 when the button is pressed. Make it a toggle button so that it sets reset to 0 when unpressed.

Then in you pipleline use that variable in an IF statement module that surrounds something to clear the current image (which will then become the last image on the next pipeline iteration). To set the current image blank you can use the Set_Marker module (in the +other tree) and set the Revert to to the very first blank entry.

Thus when you click on the button in the button module, it will trigger the variable which will enter the if statement which then sets the current image blank. When the next iteration of the pipeline executes the "last" image will then be blank and therefore restart the process.

henk rieuwers from Netherlands  [3 posts] 13 years
Yes Steve, after let say 30 minutes, i want to save the image and start with a new blank one. the result is a picture like a camerashot with exposetime of 30 minutes. The comet left a trail (i hope) and can be examed. i use a camera with 0.0001 lux and a fisheyelens

Steve, I give it a try!  (i use a little more time, i am 62)
Thanks a lot

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