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mehdi from Iran  [32 posts]
15 year
i use RR API in my C++ program. i need to know when an image processing pipe is finished but i can not find any way in RR API to do that!
RR can give me a response when changing a variable or in capturing a new image,but how can i know when a frame processed and finished?
Anonymous 15 year

If you are using SetImage to set the image it has a wait parameter to wait until processing is completed on that image. It is the 4th parameter.

If not ... what is the sequence you are using to set an image in RoboRealm? We can easily add in a "wait till processing completed" function if it makes sense in your context.


mehdi from Iran  [32 posts] 15 year
thanks for reply!
i capture image from a webcam in RR. RR process that imae and then i get data in C++. but i need to know whin processin of current frame completed?
if you can add "wait till processing completed" ,processing in max. frame rate will be possible!
and no time will vanished!
so,it is a great help to add "wait till processing completed"  function!
Anonymous 15 year

That's already in the API. See


or the XML


The documentation indicated that this is for a new image ... which is true but it also waits until that new image has been completely processed before returning. Thus the waitimage ONLY continues once all processing on the current image has completed. I think this is what you have been looking for but was not clearly documented in this way. The documentation has been updated to reflect this property.

mehdi from Iran  [32 posts] 15 year
if the current frame processed but the next camera frame is not ready,this module give a signal or wait to capture next frame and then send it?
Anonymous 15 year
No, it will wait to give signal for next image if current image is done processing but if you call this while the current image is being processed then it will trigger when the current image is done being processed. Think of it triggering at the end of the pipeline for each new image.


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