Geometric Statistics problem with Crop Module
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13 years
Hi STeven,

I'm using the latest and greatest RR and I think there may be a bug when the Geometric or Color Statistics module follows the Crop module.  The problem is that when I select "Individual Blobs" for the statistics display, clicking on a blob in the visual display does not update the blob array index and display the appropriate statistics--it stays on index 0.  If I disable the Crop module, it works as it should.  I have attached the .robo file that reproduces this problem.


Anonymous 13 years

We checked this issue with and it appears to be ok. Can you recheck and if it still does not work could you embed the image you are using in the robofile? (Select the embed image checkbox in the save menu GUI when saving the robofile). That will help us to check if something specific to the image is going wrong.

from United States  [214 posts] 13 years
Hi STeven,

Many thanks for checking into this.  I upgraded to and I can no longer reproduce my problem.  So either it got fixed somehow or (more likely) I was doing something silly earlier.  In any event, all seems well now.


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