Tracking Entrance and Exit
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I have a small room, the camera is stationary, I want to track how many people move from left to right and how many people move from right to left through the room?

Is there a way to track the direction or vector of a blob?
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I think the Optical Flow module will give you exactly what you want.

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You may also try posting a video of that situation such that we can recommend alternative solutions. The optical flow should work but it will depend on what kind of data results you are looking for. The optical flow will not segment blobs into people ... so counting the number of people moving will be a different matter.

Or if not a video then perhaps a couple images?

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hi all,

I have the same problem, I want to set a cam on top of the room entrance to count the number of people IN/OUT!!!

Anonymous 13 year
If more than 2 peoples come into the room in same time, it can count the RIGHT number??
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That will depend on how close they are to each other, what angle you have the camera at and what quality are you using to detect people. Detecting hair is one possibility but people with hats/etc will fool the counter. Using something like the Kinect to detect head peaks is also a good way to go. Using an overhead visible laser beam that is broken by people is another. Checking for non-background pixels also works somewhat but will generate the most number of errors compared to the other techniques. So if you don't really need highly accurate numbers just extracting blobs from the background will probably do the trick.

Again, if you post images that gives us a better idea of what angle/camera quality/background etc you are using.


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