parallel port motor control
jaydeep from India  [9 posts]
15 year
i wanted to know how can u control motors using the parallel port using roborealm..plz help me..
Anonymous 15 year

While that might be possible using the Parallel Port module it is tricky and I'd not recommend driving a motor from the Parallel Port as it was not built to do so. I'd recommend getting a servo controller or a motor controller (see sabertooth) which will use serial or USB to communicate to the PC. It also isolates the motor power system from the PC which can cause damage if you get too much feedback from the motors.

jaydeep from India  [9 posts] 15 year
yes iam using a motor driver...l293d...i can directly connect the 4 i/o pins to the 4 l293d pins which control the motor...why do u suggest the serial port and how  can i do that??
gaanji from India  [1 posts] 15 year
i am also having same doubt. i want to control 2 motors simaltaneously. preferably normal d.c geared motors.  and do tell which is easy usingmicrocontroller or l293d.. thanx
Anonymous 15 year
Ok, have you tried to connect the parallel port pins to Enable, D1 and D2 lines on the l293d? Seems like that should work. What issues are you having?

Also note that you will need the inpout32.dll in order for the Parallel port module to work (its in the docs).

Or just download it from


You should then be able to use the Parallel port module to switch on certain pins that are connected to the l293 in the correct way. See


page 9 for what those pin combinations should be.


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