Robotics Connection Serializer Board
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Ok, so I have a serializer board from robotics connection that I have connected up to a Sabertooth dual 25A motor driver (C-100-DC-2x25).
So I was wondering if I should just connect the sabertooth separate from the serializer, or what modules would I need to continue using it via the serializer. In order to use the RoboRealm software for object avoidance.
I also have a rangewizard from robotics connection that connects 7 Maxbotix sonars. I was wondering if there is a module for that as well. Lastly how to combine all these items into one program.
I am more of a hardware person, and have little/no experience with programming. I'm not sure where I should start off learning the programming.
Anonymous 15 year

Have you had a look at the RoboConn_Traxster module in RR? That should have the interface to send the Sabertooth a PWM (servo) signal that might work or even to the motor pins? The sonars should also be connected to one of the analog pins and also can be read using the same GUI interface.

So basically every thing would be connected to the serializer which is then connected to a PC running RoboRealm. RoboRealm would then interface using the above module to the serializer board and send/receive signals as appropriate.

Note that there is a Sabertooth module that assumes a direct connection to RR but not for the sonars.

Anonymous 15 year
I have not tried that yet, but I was looking at the floor finder module, and everything seems to be working software wise, but for some reason the serializer isn't taking the commands.
In the serial module I have it just sending 2 commands for the motors, it states that its connected but nothing happens when I run the program.
I'll look into the RoboConn_traxster module to see what they did different

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