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15 year
i've set up communication with a Cricket device. i am successfully receiving the data into the serial block in roborealm...... but now i need to extract one bit of info from the line.

below is a line of the received data:
00294: VR=2.0, ID=01:0e:39:39:11:00:00:cc, SP=, DB=2278, DR=884....etc

i need to extract the "DB=2278" data in each iteration.... specifically the number. i want to use it in the VBscript block in conjunction with other data received from the camera.

i had hoped i could use "SetVariable" or "GetVariable" to grab the data but i've had no success. any ideas how i go about it? i would've thought that i need to use the "receive sequence" box in the serial application but nothing changed when i tried that.

please help
Anonymous 15 year

Just pop


into the Receive Sequence in the Serial module (and be sure all your baud, etc. settings are correct).

The above sequence will put the value of DB into the variable "my_var". Note that the "DB=" and the "," are delimiters that tell RR how to parse the above incoming string.


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