FTP_Image module enhancement
moot from United States  [22 posts]
15 year
Currently if the module encounters a connection problem a error dialog is generated. The dialog has an 'Ok" button and requires user intervention to close the dialog. The module will then attempt an upload connection, which usually succeeds, as the connection issue was only a temporary 'timing issue' - but - the module is stopped and requires the user to 'Start' the module again.

Proposed enhancement:
When the module encounters a connection issue (and displays the error dialog) there should be a 'timer' that will automatically close the dialog, thereby allowing the module to continue processing and make another attempt to connect. Do not automatically 'Stop' module. To go a step further - set a global error variable and increment it for each error until a successful connection is achieved. Default to 3 tries and then attempt to send an email to the user and/or sound an audible alarm to alert the user that manual intervention is required. There could be user assigned thresholds for 'Timeout Retries' and for 'Attempt Threshold'. When 'Attempt Threshold' is reached there could be a user defined action set to 'Continue Trying' or 'Automatically Stop'.

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