VorlonKen  [9 posts]
17 year
What is Flow_Balance in the Analysis section? When I try to use it RoboRealm crashes (I have the latest version). Also I noticed a reference in the documentation to Reception Quality, has this now been dropped from RoboRealm?

flow balance crashes
voodoo from Germany  [4 posts]
17 year

i can confirm this crashing issue when trying to use the flow balance. it's the same to me. seems to be a general prob?!


17 year
That is one of the beta features that we are currently working on that slipped out without being done. It is meant to use optical flow to calculate a movement direction for a robot. We've taken that out of the release version and will hopefully complete it sometime in the future.

Turns out the Reception Quality routine was removed instead ... so they basically swapped places. This has been corrected and the Flow Balance module has been removed and replaced back with the Reception Quality module.

Thanks for the bug tip! That was a little mind slip from us!


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