Connecting RoboRealm to a D-LINK 920 wireless webcam
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Does anyone know the magic URL that will work with RoboRealm's Read_HTTP module and the D-Link 920W wireless webcam?  I tried guessing a few but struck out.  I also tried the RoboRealm D-Link Internet Camera module since model 900 is listed but that did not work with this camera (model 920).

I can access the camera using a web browser pointed at the camera's IP address, but the built-in web server only presents two choices for viewing the video stream: Active X or Java.   Both work quite well but neither gives me a URL that will work with RoboRealm.

You can get to a live D-Link 920 camera at:


and you'll see exactly the same interface I see when I access my camera using a web browser.

Anonymous 14 year

We made a quick update to the DCS module to have the 900 version work with the 920. Seems to work on their url (robofile attached) but it is a little slow.

v2.0.6.5 has that fix.

Thanks for the donation!

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Thank you STeven!  The update works perfectly with the 920--a nice smooth 20 frames per second at 320x240 even in dim lighting.


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