A tip to using GPU to increase FPS
Ricardo Sampaio from Portugal  [32 posts]
14 year
Hi all, after some time spend on learning how to use my Nvidia GPU for cranking passwords and help whit SETI@HOME, i just imagine that you could use it to :D

I know that is a lot of stuff to change (i guest, i don't know how its the code order, so it could be easy), but being able to use GPUs to process all the image's would make it alot faster, increasing the FPS alot, 2x 3x times more!!!

Just for the ones that cant imagine that, when i try to break a password or use SETI, i cant use any software, Office, firefox etc.
When i start using the GPU for that, the passwords are brake 5x times faster and the cpu dont reach 10% of use :D

Here is the link for more info: http://www.nvidia.com/object/cuda_home.html#

I hope you can make this possible simply because it will open alot of doors and the FPS will only be limited by the camera and not the filters we use.

Anonymous 14 year

Yes, you are correct in that the GPU will significantly increase the CPU speed. However, this would require a complete re-write of RoboRealm in order to take advantage of that. Also, there are multiple "standards" including OpenMP and the MS Parallels framework that are also interesting. Until there is a more standardized system (either Intel, GPU, etc.) we will wait to see which one seems to be the most benefitial to all. FYI, we standardize on laptops so we are unable to use GPU based cards which are mainly found in desktops or at least a desktop can be upgraded to have that card.

Thanks for the great observation! We totally agree with your assessment but will wait a bit before committing to a single platform. We have many more filters to create which will get increasingly complex and might start to take advantage of those hardware performance improvements. If there is one module in particular you need a performance increase let us know and we will test it out to see what could increase performance.


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