Cooridinates for idnetified object via API
pablon from Poland  [11 posts]
14 year
I am using API for data collection into my program written in CS. Is it possible to retrieve from Roborealm array with COG_X and COG_y coordinates for all identified blobs? I am using „shape matching” method? Sample picture is in attached picture. Expected array should looks like (values below are dummy – just for ilustration):
[102, 203]
[103, 400]
[80, 350]
[47, 176]
API response for 6 identified shapes should generate following string : 102, 203, 103, 400,80, 350, 78,180, 50,360, 47, 176

Anonymous 14 year

Yes, a number of the other modules can be used for this. For example, the Blob Filter module will provide a list of all COG's assuming you set it to generate that array (see checkbox in the interface). Some of the other modules including Geometry module will also create that array assuming it is set to process individual blobs (also a checkbox in that GUI interface).

BUT since you are using the Shape Matching just select that checkbox in the GUI interface "Create Shapes Array" which would contain all the info about a shape including the COG coordinates. Or did you try this and it did not work?


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