Can not find webcam with object tracking software
Giovi from Italy  [2 posts]
17 year
Hi everyone,
I have just downloaded the roborealm object tracking software, i have tryed with 3 different webcams, but the program couldn t find any of those.
Can someone help me please?
Thanks a lot!!!
Webcam Issues
17 year
Hi Giovi,

Can you include the following information about your system:

1. What OS are you running. Winnt, win98, win2000, XP, etc?
2. What webcams did you try? Logitech Orbit, Creative Labs, ??
3. I assume all the camera's you tried are USB type cameras? Is this true?
4. Do you know if you have DirectX installed? Which version? 9.0?
5. What other programs are you able to use your webcam's in?

This will help us narrow down your specific configuration and determine where the issue is.

Giovi from Italy  [2 posts] 17 year
I'm so stupid.... I'm sorry, I forgot to install directX!!! Now it's perfectly working!!
This program is Great!!!!!!
Thanks a lot!

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