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Danh from United States  [79 posts]
15 year

I thought you'll would like to see a screen shot of me running 6 instances of RoboRealm that process one webcam source (using "splitcamera" driver). Good for comparison of the different filter effects in real time. It works surprisingly well even though my CPU is maxing out.! I made use of the new Kiosk title bar and resizing changes.

Anonymous 15 year
Very Cool!

Another way is also to use the mosaic module combined with the Marker module to process a single image in many different ways. You may find it easier since all the images are grouped into a single RR instance. Similar results but completely different way. See the attached robofile on how we did it.


Anonymous 15 year
And this is what that looks like in a screencapture.
Danh from United States  [79 posts] 15 year

Thanks a lot for that Robo file! Mosaic function is a lot easier. My cpu is hitting only 50% with 6 images running. Before I was maxing out at 100% when running 6 separate instances in Kiosk mode.

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