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Danh from United States  [79 posts]
15 year

In Kiosk mode I noticed that small image sizes like 320x240 won't center in the Window after manually resizing the window.  Could you'll fix this? When running multiple instances of RoboRealm I like to set the screen to Kiosk mode so that the images can be placed closely to each other for easy comparison and viewing.

Also, can you add a feature that would allow a custom text string to be written to the title bar of the Kiosk window. I would like to put something custom in the bar that is descriptive of the particular image processing.

Anonymous 15 year

Those two changes have been added to the latest version

You will find the Kiosk title in the Options Button->Kiosk tab. Images smaller than 320x240 will also resize correctly in Kiosk mode.

What we were not sure of is if you in fact need a variable to specify the kiosk title or if the hardcoded value is ok? Also, would you expect the title to change on each new image being processed or just remain a static text string?

Danh from United States  [79 posts] 15 year

Thanks for the changes!

- I think the Kiosk title should be a variable. I'd like to write to it from another program using the API server interface. It just needs to update the title when I issue a command.

-I Noticed that when toggling ctrl-k (image is 320x240) there would be a very small artifact around the image perimeter that would only disappear after manually resizing the window.

-Also noticed that when starting in Kiosk mode (or the normal RoboRealm screen) I would sometimes get blocked by an error dialog box complaining about the VCAM driver even though the driver is installed and VCAM is working properly. The error box says "RoboRealm Virtual Camera not initialized!(2). Did you install the driver? To stop checking uncheck Options Button->Other Tab->Activate VCam". Can you'll get rid of this check on program start because it is consistently giving me false errors. This dialog box prevents the program from launching into Kiosk until I hit the OK button.

Here are some more requests:
- kiosk option to auto resize the window to the image size
-Is it possible to store the RoboRealm program settings into the .robo file so that these setting will then be restored when the particular .robo file is run? I imagine having several .robo files that may have different API server addresses, different Kiosks titles, and many other different program settings. Right now, I think RoboRealm always defaults to the last setting.
-When I save to a .robo file can  you'll also save the window position. When launching the .robo file it should restore the window to the saved position. That way if I have several .robo files I can launch them to presaved positions without any overlap. Right now, multiple instance of RoboRealm overlap each other exactly and it is easy to think only one instace is running. If this is too difficult, can you'll add a cascading window effect when multiple instances are launched?

Great work guys.

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