Suggestion to FTP uploading.
Dave from United States  [84 posts]
15 year
Hi STeven!

I think it would be a good idea (if it's not already there and I missed it), if whenever RoboRealm FTP's an image to the server and it doesn't connect for some reason or another, that it will continue with the timer and try again when it's time to FTP the next image, etc., etc.

As of now the FTP module, if it can't connect to the server it shows the error message and when you click on it, the FTP setup window opens and the FTPing has stopped.

It would be nice if there was a box you could check/uncheck if you wanted RoboRealm to continue to try and upload at the next event. As long as this box was checked RoboRealm would try to upload the image every time the timed event took place. Else if the box wasn't checked, it would stop as it does now (I think).


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