View Histogram vertical axis ?
Richard from China  [10 posts]
15 year
Hi, I want to view image histogram, but I don’t understand what vertical axis represents. For example pic3 and pic4 represent histogram of pic1 and pic2 relatively.Anybody could tell me what does vertical axis unit represent?

Anonymous 15 year

Thanks for the nice pics!

The vertical axis represents the number of pixels found at that color/intensity. Thus if you have a lot of bright white pixels them most of the vertical strength will be towards the right, lower darker pixels will cause a lot of high vertical lines towards the left side of the histogram.

It is essentially another way of looking at the same information. The vertical axis representing the number of pixels at that intensity and the horizontal axis representing the color intensity of the pixel.

That's why in your images the second histogram is shifted to the right ... cause there are more bright pixels in the second image.

Richard from China  [10 posts] 15 year
Thank you Steven,
     It's very clear.  I got it what you mean.

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