Bitmap Blob Filter
Melissa from United States  [2 posts]
15 year
I am having trouble with the bitmap blob filter.  I have three images to help:
1st - the image i am loading into the bitmap blob filter
2nd- the image i am loading into roborealm as a test image
3rd - the result of the filter with the count threshold set to 1

why am i getting a black screen with the blob being marked as the top left of my image?  Shouldn't it be in the middle with the image still shown?

My goal is to be able to identify that marker and locate the coordinates of its 4 corners.  The marker is distinct to help it be picked from a complex background eventually.

Anonymous 15 year

You need to ensure that the bitmap pattern AND the thing to match it against is a binary black/white image. You will notice in the upper right corner of the blob filter that many more than 1 object is being detected. That can be dealt with by thresholding both images prior to matching them. The shape matching only works with thresholded images to ensure that the shape is very distinct.

I've included our trial with the two images being thresholded.


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