wireless transmission over serial
14 year
I am using an RF transmitter that I bought locally. It has 8-bits of TTL outputs from a microcontroller. Can someone give me an example of what to type in the send sequence area? The format would be [Header] + [Data] + [Checksum], a 3-byte data. The header is supposedly 54h by default. How would I turn on, say bit 2(that would be the data). The checksum is simply the sum of header and data. I would be glad if someone could help me figure this out, thanks!
Anonymous 14 year
Perhaps the following will help you get along ...



which would transmit the 3 bytes

85 2 87

Is this works you can then create a more generic interface that would transmit any data bit and calculate the checksum. You could do this in the VBScript module using something like

data = GetVariable("my_data") ' the bits to set
SetVariable "checksum", data+2

and then use


to transmit that sequence. Note that \ means a single byte should be sent as apposed to 4.

Good luck!

S from Romania  [5 posts] 14 year
Very valuable information, STeven! And thanks for a great software!
But is there a tutorial or a bigger example with what to do with rf modules? how do you "encode" a robot's directions into a sequence of bits and then add the sincronisation, address and checksums? I'm a beginner, I see great potential  in this soft, but I don't know how to "harvest" it.
Anonymous 14 year
That's very dependent on the hardware that you are using. Most microcontrollers either already have a protocol that you have to follow or have the ability to custom create your own. Getting down into the nitty gritty of rf electronics is beyond our ability. We would just assume that it looks like a serial port (from a PC point of view) and then use the protocol of the device on the other end to talk to it assuming the rf transmission is just a passthrough (not always the case).

You might want to target something more specific.

S from Romania  [5 posts] 14 year
I'm sorry for the lack of informations, and I am aware of how difficult it is to talk about every distinctive piece of hardware. I was thinking that an example with the control of, let's say 8 robot functions with the RS232 interface, a RF cheap transmitter, a RF receiver and a PIC 16f876 would be of great help to many (especially me) who may still have questions about serial transmision in Roborealm and many other problems.

I know that I'm asking too much, but I haven't been able to found something usefull yet.
Anonymous 14 year

You should have a look at the discussions in this forum surrounding the BS2 on the BoeBot. That is a RS232 interface with a cheap rf transmitter and a Basic Stamp on the other end. That may help you to understand the finer points of serial comm.

For example have a read at

Mark from United States  [1 posts] 12 year
I had luck with a <a href="http://www.usconverters.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=70">wireless serial adapter</a> from U. S. Converters.com
Anonymous 12 year
The correct link is:


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