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Dave from United States  [84 posts]
15 year
Hi Steven!

I was messing around with RoboRealm and I see (what is it a module)? I was trying to use the module "Display Text", thinking this was to display a line of text in the preview window as well as whats being transmitted, or uploaded. I loaded this module typed a line in an set the x,y at 15,15 just to see where it was going to show up on the screen. It showed up on the screen but not the word I typed in, but the 15,15 showed up. I'm I doing something wrong? Is there a bug, or am I way off base here and this isn't even what that module is for?

I just seen it was to "display text", so thats what I took it that what it did?

I see all these other people posting about COG, Blobs, filters, etc., which I know nothing about, so I was thinking I might be wrong on what this is actually for.

No rush on this answer, you can answer others peoples questions fist then get back to me when you get the time.

Thanks STeven!

Anonymous 15 year

Yea, perhaps that would  have been better called "Display the text value inside a variable that you type in where you *think* the text string should go". This module is very similar to Display_Variable but allows for better X,Y and other options. But the idea is the same, the coordinates and the content of the text can change. Thus you would need to use the Set_Variable module to assign some text to a variable like

test="this is my test text"

and then type in


into the Text field in the DisplayText module.

We'll update that interface to make this more clear ...

Thanks for the note!
Dave from United States  [84 posts] 15 year
Ok STeven,

I'm all clear on that now.


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