Visual Anchor with one or two static images?
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I was wondering if there is a way to use the Visual Anchor module to compare a static image and the current camera image or two static images.  I tried the most straightforward experiment but it didn't work; namely

Load Image Module
Visual Anchor
Marker [Source]

as well as

Load Image 1
Visual Anchor
Load Image 2

The reason I want to do this is that I am using panoramic images stored in memory and I want to compare the current image from the camera with a stored image to determine the robot's orientation compared to the previous image.


Anonymous 14 year

Yea, it seems to come close but not quite work, right? That's what we found aswell. We have a module coming out in about a week or two (it is getting optimized right now) that will do exactly what you're trying to do. We call this visual odometry which basically uses the camera like an optical mouse and tells you X,Y and rotation of the current frame given the past one. It is very similar to the visual anchor but you need to reset the anchor image frequently which the visual anchor module does'nt really like. Look for this module in a week or two .. should be a cool one!

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Hi STeven,

That is VERY cool.  Looking forward to it!


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