Help Voice control Write Avi and Read Avi module
tomvn from United States  [7 posts]
15 year
Hi, i have problem need someone help;
i use speech recognition to voice control roborealm record Write avi and play back with Read Avi module, the voice command work fine  , but
when the video play back it like skip frames and  got noise.
any help thanks.
Anonymous 15 year

Attached below is our test. Seems that you needed to stop recording the video before playback would start. There also seems to be an issue with playback that when the camera is on the video rate is very slow ... but as soon as you turn the camera off (Camera button up on RR interface) then it plays at full speed. Not sure if you have seen this to or if it is just and issue for us. Seems to be an intrinsic issue with Windows.

Anyhow, try the below script after downloading RR again as we've made some additions that make the script more usable. When running speak

record - to start recording
play - stops recording and starts playing the video
camera - stops playback and recording and displays live video

tomvn from United States  [7 posts] 15 year
Thanks very much STeven. it work perfect.
can you add some comment in vbscript, I try to learn it, if ou can Thanks.

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