Multiple colour tracking
17 year
Hi Steven

Thank for you help me to solve previous question.After i apply the example you give me.We face some problem for set valuable.First when i apply the example in pc and connect to pareller port.After that when i tracking the object it cant defined 3 colour in pareller port our led light still off.So may i know how to get red bit ,bluw bit and yellow bit value and then send to the pareller port.And then may i know set the bit in blue bit , yellow bit and red bit and what value i have to set in pareller port.

thank for somebody who are helping me

Anonymous 17 year

Can you include your robo-file in a posting so that we can investigate the current configuration you are using? It is a little hard to understand your last posting. Combined with the robo-file it should be easier for us to understand what you are trying to do.


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