Using RCX, switching on rotation sensor causes fps drop
Michael Kirschner  [6 posts]
16 year
Hey, Just found RR a few days ago and have been experimenting, having alot of fun, unfortunately, I 'm using the rcx and lego mindstorms 2.0, I want to have accurate control over the motors for tracking, but when I check the sensors box in the lego module, the fps drops to below 1 fps from 20 during normal processing..... whats going on?

I lowered the resolution also to 160x120, same thing.
Anonymous 16 year
Also, I'm a mac book pro, 2.16 ghz core duo with a 256 mb ati x1600 video card, if that matters
Anonymous 16 year
Found that this slowdown happens whenever the sensors checkbox is checked, even if no sensors are attached.
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Anonymous 16 year
Also, if these slowdowns are the effect of the ir tower, would buying lego nxt and using the usb connection work to resolve this?

Anonymous 16 year

The problem you've encountered are expected. The reason the checkbox to enable/disable the sensors are there is because of the slowdown they cause. While it does work through the IR tower it is really slow and thus the speed of the image capture slows to compensate for this rate.

While some basic experiments are possible using the RCX we'd definately recommend upgrading to the NXT as the bluetooth is not only faster but does not require line of sight connection (i.e. the robot can be turned away from the receiver) unlike the RCX.

If you are looking for a good deal on the NXT http://www.trossenrobotics.com/ seems to be having a summer sale of the NXT at $212 (Note we don't make anything from you buying there ... )

Anonymous 16 year
thanks very much for the reply, and the confirmation.

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