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Midhun Sreekumar Menon from India  [2 posts]
16 year
I have tried to interface C# with RR and have been suuccessful partially. I have been able to get the images, and do grayscaling only. When I try to do RGB thresholding or anything I get stuck up with a no output problem.
Is there any way to access the 2D bmp data format in roborealm instead of the 1D array serial data.
Is it possible in RR??or C#/C++(preferably)??
Any help will be highly appreciated
Anonymous 16 year
Yes, if you look at the getImage function that will return the 2d RGB data. The function call *looks* like the data is a 1d serial array (which it is) but that is the 2d data row by row.

What do you mean by a "no output problem"? The RGB Thresholding will produce an output regardless ... the image may be black but you will get RGB values of 0,0,0.

Perhaps if you describe what you are trying to accomplish and provide a sample image we can help you find the correct module combination.

Diego Salinas from Spain  [1 posts] 15 year
You can use free AForge.Net. A great free open source imaging library for .Net.
If you are interested in learning how to exploit multicore processors to speed up image processing using AForge.Net, you will find a great example using AForge.Net and multithreading to improve the performance in working with images and with multicore CPUs, in the book " C# 2008 and 2005 Threaded Programming: Beginners Guide", by Gaston Hillar, Packt Publishing - www.packtpub.com
It includes many exercises related to image management with multicore support. Highly recommended if you want to improve performance and UI responsiveness.
You can download the code from Packt's website. http://www.packtpub.com/beginners-guide-for-C-sharp-2008-and-2005-threaded-programming/book

There is also an article in Packt's website: http://www.packtpub.com/article/simplifying-parallelism-complexity-c-sharp

I bought the book last week and it helped me a lot in my image processing needs. Now, I can split an image in many parts using the code from the book and I can make it exploit my Core 2 Quad. My boss is impressed!

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