will roborealm help to make robots that dont require human intervention?
pratik from India  [1 posts]
16 year
hello friends..
i plan to make a robot with artificial intelligence.so that eliminates the option of some human involvement..does robo realm require mouse click to receive the images,process it  and send the commands...?because if it is so it will be totally manual thing...
Steve Joblin from United States  [18 posts] 16 year
RoboRealm runs continuously and does not need any intervention (unless you want to program in user Intervention!).  Take a look at some of the examples, like the ball following example.  you can move a colored ball in front of a robot and it will follow it... if the ball gets too close, the robot will back up, if it gets too far away, the robot will chase after it.  It will perform these behaviors with no intervention.

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