How do I write_Images every n seconds
hibou from France  [30 posts]
16 year
I can use Write_Images to record every frame as a separate image, but I have a camera that integrates over time up to 10sec so the frame does not change for periods of up to 10 sec. I would like to be able to Write_Images only every n-seconds or every n-frames. Maybe this could be implemented with an extra parameter such as "Sample every n frames/sec" in the Write_Images dialogue box.

I guess this could also be implemented with a script of some kind, but a modification of Write_Images appears simpler for the user.

Alan, Grenoble.
Anonymous 16 year
You should be able to do this by adding in either the Timer module which will delay exection of the pipeline for X seconds, or you could use the movement module to stop processing unless X percent of the pixels change (assuming that the image generated after each 10 second iteration is different enough from the previous) ... if not check into using the timer module.

Note that the timer module should be placed BEFORE the write image module.

Another possibility is to reduce the frame rate of the camera that is digitizing the image ... see what options appear in the Options button->Video tab->Format button and see if the FPS can be lowered to 1 in every 10 seconds.


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