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Hi STeven & NairB

I was at NairB's cam just a little bit ago and still the same thing .42 fps, 30Kps. Then after that I take its the image number being sent that went like this, #9 #17 #25 #33.  Although the image on the screen was changing about every 2 seconds, the fps and the Kps both showed 0.0 until the #9 showed up.

This is why I always had the the fps set at 10 fps, I don't think in all the years I messed with webcams over the internet I ever seen one deliver this amount, it usually less then 1 fps, though I have seen maybe as high as 3 or maybe even 4, maybe at the most. Some webcam servers send video like this: ............................... while other like this . . . . . . . . . . . still others like this .   .   .   .   .   .   .    .   .   . each dot meaning an image delivered to the connecting computer. Thats basicly why I want to streaming video, over streaming images. Bith have their drawbacks though. Streaming images you get the "stop go-stop-go of images while being sent to your computer but you can get pretty good image quality in this type of image streaming.
   Where as on video streaming the image quality suffers. Although you can improve image quality by increassing the bit rate, this then effects the bandwidth availabe for you to stream video, the higher the bit rate the less connection can be made to your video stream.

Of course you probably know all this...... maybe someone doesn't though?

Thanks STeven & NairB


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