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Robert Wind from United States  [2 posts]
16 year
When I activate the web server and view the web with Internet explorer, either on the PC with the camera or with another one on my home network, one of the buttons does not work right.  The  LEFT, RIGHT, and DOWN buttons properly send the numbers 4, 8, or 2 respectively, but the up button does not send 1.  The UP button sends something like 1D|r   (except the vertical line shows up as a rectangle in notepad).

If I view source in the browser, there are those same three extra characters after the 1 in the setvariable("move=1") line, and they aren't there in the index.html file in the RoboRealm directory on the PC running RoboRealm.

If I rearrange the text in the index.html file in the RoboRealm directory, the same extra three characters still appear at the same location, starting with the 942nd character, in the file in the html file that the webserver sends to the browser.

It appears that the web server in RoboRealm has a bug that adds these extra characters.
Anonymous 16 year

Thanks for the tip. There was indeed a problem in that area esp when password protection was added. This has been just been fixed in

Please download RR again to get that fix.


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