controlling a robot over the internet
Steve Joblin from United States  [18 posts]
16 year
I am looking to use RoboRealm to provide an easy interface for controlling a robot over the Internet.  I have studied the tutorial on controlling an Internet Camera, but I'm stuck on the VB script part...

I "STOP" button on the index.html file with a "move" value of 7

How do I write the VB Script to read the "move" button values and send a simple serial command to my robot... I can then write code for the robot to receive the serial command (like a 1 for forward, or a 2 for left, etc.) and take appropriate action.

I hope someone can help!!!  Thanks much!

Steve Joblin from United States  [18 posts] 16 year
Never mind... I figured it out... it turns out that I didn't have the port set on the Serial module... I wish there was a way to delete posts, since the only thing someone can possibly learn from my post is "even stupid mistakes can cause things not to work!"
Anonymous 16 year

Actually we don't have a delete to ensure that posts like yours are actually kept as many others might have the same issue and might be reminded by your post to check the configuration.

Thanks for the reply as to what you found was wrong!

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