Great Piece Of Software!
voodoo from Germany  [4 posts]
17 year
At the moment all I want to say is: RR is a very great piece of software. I've downloaded it some days ago and tested the system yesterday evening on my oldest (and slowest) machine... it simply work quite well on this 'oldtimer'...

I'm planning to use RR along with my lego nxt set to create some funny things :) the camera has been ordered today and I'll let You know when I finished the first project.

I think RR is the most important extension which one can add to the nxt set - it's a must have!!

Thanx for sharing Your software with the community!

ANT from United Kingdom  [1 posts] 17 year
Id just like to say, that i totally agree with voodoo, what a brilliant piece of software and to release it like this is just fantastic.

Ive only just installed it and i allready cannot belive the potential this has. Im especially interested in the c++ api ( language of choice lol)

so much better than having to mess around with the cmucam or opencv.

I thought it was too good to be true. If you need any help with anything (I cant think what, off hand) feel free to email me

17 year
Hi Guys,

Thanks very much for those great comments! We hope that we can continue to bring new and interesting features to RoboRealm ... and given by what's in the development queue I can assure you that we have some very exciting new modules and tutorials to come.

Please continue to send such nice remarks as this definitely helps encourage us that we're on the right track ... and help spread the word about RoboRealm!

Thanks much,

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