Problem with Saitek USB Joystick
Ren? D?beli  [1 posts]
17 year
Joystick module is not working with my Saitek USB Pad. The Pad functions correctly with it's driver but nothing is displayed in the Joystick module.

Does anyone now a solution, or is it possible to control a robot with keyboard or mouse ?

Anonymous 17 year
Have you tried using Saitek's SST software to map the appropraite keyboard functions?

failing that, you could use JoytoKey v3.79.
Anonymous 17 year
I have tried using Saitek's SST software but how can you map to use de Joystick module with Saitek's Gamepad ?

Or how can I give commands to RR with keyboard ?

Saitek Products
17 year

Unfortunately we are not familiar with the Saitek line of products but we will research this issue as the joystick module should work with any DirectX compatible joystick device. Plus the Saitek line seems quite inexpensive and a good platform for controlling robots.

The Joystick module was one of the first interface devices that we added. You can note that it is alone in its "Interface" level in the module tree. This is because we are currently adding both mouse and keyboard interface to achieve a similar effect. So they are both in the works and should be out shortly.

We'll post here when they are up and ready for use and will continue to look into the Saitek line of products and perhaps modifications that can be made to support that type of joystick.

Stay tuned ...


17 year
The issues with the Saitek joystick have been resolved. Please download RoboRealm again. You should be able to use that joystick with RoboRealm for robotic control.


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