Robotics studio samples + vista issue
Tom from United Kingdom  [4 posts]
16 year

I was trying to rebuild the robotics studio samples, specifically the interface project, and i noticed a couple of issues under vista. With UAC turned on roborealm.exe does not create a HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Applications\RoboRealm.exe\... key, so the interface service will have problems in the open function in RR_API.cs.

With UAC turned off rerunning roborealm.exe does seem to create the expected keys. In regedit i can see "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\RoboRealm\shell\open\command", so I think there must be a difference in how vista names these keys, as the location is different.

Correcting the opensubkey line in open() to reflect the new path works fine, and roborealm then loads correctly.

Just thought id mention it incase anyone else has similar issues.

Tom from United Kingdom  [4 posts] 16 year
oh one other nit-picking thing, in getvariableexample it would be better set the reference to roborealm.interface.y2007.m05.Proxy to copylocal=false specificversion=false otherwise whenever you rebuild the interface it wont compile.
Anonymous 16 year

Thanks very much for those tips. Yes, the UAC does cause issues but it is also easy to see what it is trying to do and can even be replaced with a direct system call to execute RoboRealm. The reason we use the extension is to avoid having to specify the complete path to RoboRealm which is not necessarily known by the API.

Thanks for the note on the copylocal and specific version. Those have been updated.


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