Real-time Application in RR?
16 year
I have a side hobby project involving telerobotics, and would like to have someone point me in the right direction to get started (I'm not a programmer).  I would like to use RR to process a video stream and to send variables through the internet in real-time to a client PC.  That client PC needs to take the variables and to move a servo.  Aside from the latencies inherent in internet communication, this all has to be very fast to permit remote operation.  What would be the right functions in RR to send the variables?  

Thanks for the advice!
Ricardo Sampaio from Portugal  [32 posts] 16 year
If your not a programmer them i assume you cant make a small client/server program for that, server program communicate whit RR, and client whit the servo

You can use the client/server module inside RR and connect the servo any way u know.

Use no-ip.org or something to get easy DNS
Anonymous 16 year

Have you checked out the internet webcam tutorial? RR has all of what you mention already built in and is the quickest way to get started. Other than that you can used the RR Extensions to write a module that will communicate with your client application .. but this requires involved programming.

Anonymous 16 year
Thank you for the advice; I'll check out some of the suggestions posted.

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