garrett from Canada  [4 posts] 17 year
Nevermind.  figured it out.  LOL  Thanks.

Is there a filter of some sort that creates a wireframe of the video?  Or something close?
garrett from Canada  [4 posts] 17 year
Sorry, didn't mean to make a new post.  Meant to reply to my previous One.

17 year
Just to followup on your previous post about using video files in RoboRealm ... as you discovered you can using the Loading/Saving->Read_AVI to do so ... thus you can use RoboRealm to process saved video and don't need a webcam running. This is very useful if you are experimenting to find a correct filter over a sequence of images.

In reference to the wireframe question you could try the Morphology->Skeleton routine (this assumes a binary black/white image so you may need to threshold prior to this one). Others that are wireframe like are the edge detection routines (Canny for one) or you can also try the Morphology->border for more exact edges (again on a binary image).


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