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16 year
I just purchased the Logitech Orbit for testing. The Logitech Orbit module in RoboRealm does not recognize the camera.  I have video but the pan/tilt controls will not work.  The model I have is specifically the Logitech Orbit AF.  It seems to be an updated model.  The documentation for RoboRealm only mentions the Logitech Sphere and MP models.  I thought all the orbit models would be compatible.  Would this be why the Orbit Module does not recognize the Orbit AF.  When I try to access the module, it actually says "Unable to find Logitech Orbit Pan/Tilt Camera!"
Anonymous 16 year

Connect the camera and download


unzip and run USB.exe. This will create a

c:\roborealm.log file. Can you post the contents of that file?

The program will list out all active USB devices and give us the correct connection string for that new camera. Once we have that we can update the RR module in an attempt for it to work with that model.


Anonymous 16 year
Here is the readout from the Log:

Anonymous 16 year

Yes, it looks like they changed the product id.

We will update RoboRealm and release that fix in the next update before or on

Anonymous 16 year
Thanks much!
Orbit Update
16 year
Thanks for the update.  I have a report.
The module seems to come up now error free.  
But there seems to be a glitch in the motion control.
If you pulse or briefly tap the manual controls in the orbit Control Module or in the demo program, you can get the camera to move (it sort of jumps several degrees at a time.)  However, if you hold down the manual or program controls for continuous movement, the camera motion will freeze.
The camera will not respond to any further movement commands untill the Orbit Module is completely unload and reloaded.  Any thoughts?
Anonymous 16 year
It appears that they may have changed the communication protocols to that camera. While not necessarily a bad thing it will take us a while to purchase the camera and see what has specifically changed in the protocol. Unfortunately we don't yet have an eta on when that would be ready. Check back in about a week and we should have some more information.

Anonymous 16 year

We now have the Orbit AF. (Nice camera!) and have done some testing using the Orbit control module.

It seems that the buttons work fine when tapping or holding them down. Until we pressed the center red button which recenters the camera. At that point we get the same behavior you mention.

Can you also try to tap the button at a slow speed and then increase the speed until it locks up. We noticed that Logitech's own interface moves the camera much slower. Perhaps it can only accept signals at a certain speed and RR is sending them too quickly. Again, we don't see the freezing by justing using the buttons but perhaps your system is a little different.


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