Minimum requirements
17 year
What are the bare minimum requirements that are needed to run Roborealm? I.E...Memory, processor, HD space.
Minimum Requirements
17 year
Most of the requirements are quite basic. The following is sufficient:

* Memory - 64Meg
* Disk - 100Meg
* Video Card - True color - 1024x768
* Keyboard, Mouse
* VFW or DirectX WebCam - 320x240 resolution, 30 fps, USB1.0
* CPU - As fast as possible - 2GigHz plus

Note that while RoboRealm currently does not take complete advantage of dual core technology it is recommended as it is very easy to quickly add a couple filters to reduce the frame rate to slower than usable.

It is worth pointing out, however, that you can run RoboRealm on even a slow 386 machine (our bucketbot robot is a 386) but you have to reduce the resolution to 80x60 and accept about 10fps...it will largely depend on what you're trying to do.

Keep in min that XP or Win2000 needs more mem than the above requirements. I'd recommend at least 512 to give other apps a little wiggle room. (but again we have win2000 on our bucketbot with only 64Meg ... and it runs fine ... but that's the only thing running!)

Did I forget anything?

Pentium III
crgwbr  [2 posts]
17 year
Will it run on a Laptop such as this:

Anonymous 17 year
Yes, that one looks ok. RoboRealm will run on most machines ... it just may not run as fast as you want on some lower powered ones. Naturally a fast enough camera is also a factor but even really cheap webcams can produce 30fps these days.

Take advantage of the CPU power to the maximum
Javier Fuentes from Spain  [4 posts]
17 year
The multiprocessor support along with the advantage of special instruction sets of the modern processors is a key factor to be able to use techniques but outposts in the artificial vision. It is a delay not to be able to have this support in Roborealm

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