How do I remove items in the "Recent..." menus
Steve Joblin from United States  [18 posts]
16 year
I've looked throughout the documentation, but can't find how I remove items listed in the the "Recent Images", "Recent Modules", and "Recent Programs" menus.  How do I clear them out?  I've got a bunch of old junk items that are not valid and I would like to remove the references to them in RoboRealm.


Anonymous 16 year
I found what I was looking for!!!  In case others are interested, here it is:

Try holding down the CTRL key when starting RoboRealm. This will cause the application to not remember all previous configuration and not attempt to acquire a camera image on startup.

If this doesn't work then you can try deleting the registry information that RoboRealm uses on startup.

1. Go to START button, select run, type "regedit" without the quotes
2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\RoboRealm
3. delete the RoboRealm key entry (and all its subtree children).
4. exit regedit

If this does not work then try finding the working.robo file which is the file that stores the last used program. This file is loaded again each time RoboRealm starts and can also include mis-configuration information that causes problems. The working.robo file should be in the current RoboRealm folder but sometimes gets directed to other folders. Use the START->Search->For Files and Folders to look for that file. Once found delete it and try starting RoboRealm again.

Anonymous 16 year

thanks for listing out the option. You're right on!

We also will tweak the CTRL startup to ensure that the recent items, etc are not included in that case. That's probably the easiest way to reset the program. Startup with CTRL pressed and then exit normally will cause all settings to be reset.

Also note that if RR does not startup correctly just try once more. It now detects that a failure has happened and will auto start in the same mode as pressing CTRL. We've found that many cameras get stuck in DirectX setup code for some reason and so a failsafe makes life much easier.


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