RoboRealm vs. OpenCV
16 year
I’m searching for a program for vision processing and I can’t decide which program to choose. Please help me by telling the pros and cons for RoboRealm vs. OpenCV? Processing speed, accuracy etc.
Anonymous 16 year
That will really depend on what project you have in mind. While both tools do share a great deal there are specifics that will lend one tool better for a job than the other. Can you give a quick idea of what your project is? That's easier than trying to outline an exhaustive list of features of both systems.

Anonymous 16 year
The idea of the project is to take images from one or two webcams and process them to extract features. We would like to find blobs, circles and other shapes so we can rebuild a model of the images in MSRS simulator. Finally, the image of the model from MSRS simulator should be processed in the same way.

/ Erik
Anonymous 16 year

For detecting blobs and circles I think OpenCV or RoboRealm would probably be fine. In terms of other shapes that's where you might start running into issues in both systems. We're adding squares, rectangles and triangle detection but beyond that you will enter into a much more research orientated area that may not have quick solutions in any system. I.e. to reconstruct the shape of a car is beyond any system that we know off unless a known model is fitted against the image (but not the other way round).

Is you main area of research image analysis to comprehend more of the image or to use "state of the art" to create a simulated arena of simple shapes?

In either system you will be able to gain access to the raw pixels to perform your own shape analysis but this is not a trivial area (esp when you try to maintain some level of performance). If you mention the complete list of shapes you are trying to detect we might be able to help in that regard.


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