Windows XP Embedded SP2
robodude666  [6 posts]
16 year

I am getting a Nano-ITX or Pico-ITX (most likely Pico-ITX) for my rover project. I plan on using a Logitech USB Webcam and RoboRealm for navigation and other nifty things.

I was wondering if RoboRealm would run on Windows XP Embedded SP2. It is a very small version of XP. It has .NET and all that. The kernel is just 5MB =D

And as for linux.. It won't work even if WINE is used? ='[

Ricardo Sampaio from Portugal  [32 posts] 16 year
Im doing the same bur whit a Creative Live Motion :) and im using a nano-itx.
http://www.via.com.tw/en/initiatives/spearhead/pico-itx/ it works great whit xp sp2 but i not familiarize whit "Windows XP Embedded SP2". i have remove most parts for a costom install but i never sow a version like that.

maybe we can exchange information on that.
This is a link to my post about almost the same, http://www.roborealm.com/forum/index.php?forum_id=1425
robodude666  [6 posts] 16 year
Yea, I saw your post before. But you're VERY confusing. You need to get your boards straight.

In the original thread, you talked about the Mini-ITX, but gave specs for the Pico-ITX and linked to the Pico-ITX. And in this thread, you said Nano-ITX but linked to Pico-ITX =P.

So, your running windows XP off of a 4GB memory stick? What kind? CF or a USB Flash Drive? Did you have any problems installing windows? I've heard windows doesn't support VIA very much.

How fast is your Mini-ITX/Nano-ITX/Pico-ITX processing the video? I'm afraid the 1GHz Pico-ITX won't be powerful enough to process video @ 30FPS.

Ricardo Sampaio from Portugal  [32 posts] 16 year
Sorry for all the confusion, my board is the pico-itx but i call it a nano because its one of a kind, its the only pico (100mm x72mm) in the world and most forums or web pages call it a nano-itx.

So for the questions:
Im using a usb flash drive as a boot disk. its alot faster thant a hard drive.
i use a windows xp sp2 reduced whit nlite to get out most trash (ex: security services, msn, most drivers, etc). Anyway i started to download windows XPe sp2 (embedded) to test.
Windows runs incredibly sooth after you clean some of the trash.
About roborealm i didn't test it, maybe tomorrow.

Ps. this board is amazing using a 6v-24v 60w psu it only needs 1.87A to operate at 7v, at 11.1 (my battery's) only needs 1,23A +0.30A for the USB Flash.
robodude666  [6 posts] 16 year
Ahh, I see. You liking that Pico-ITX? I am thinking of getting the picoPSU-120-WI-25 or picoPSU-60-WI It accepts a wide range of voltage which is nice.

Anyhow, I don't want to spam up the roborealm forums with pico-itx talk. You have AIM or something we can talk over?

Let me know how Windows XPe goes. Its a 120 day free trial which is cool. I didn't understand how it gets installed though. There is some config application you need to use which generates the windows XPe image that you just copy and paste to a bootable storage.
Anonymous 16 year
Hey guys,

Please don't worry about spamming .. this is a very interesting topic and we're very interested in hearing about the results. None has yet responded if RR will actually run on an XPe and we've not tried it ourselves. Let us know how it goes!

Ricardo Sampaio from Portugal  [32 posts] 16 year
OK this wiil be a long post.

1. Roboreal can run in XPe just dont take off any necessary component.
1.1 XPe its the same as nlite (nlite its simpler and XPe more complete)

2. the Pico-Itx runs roboreal whit my Creative live Motion at 30fps easy. no problems on that.
2.1 my pico-psu broke so im using a normal atx psu.

3. I have change my index file for a more complete (atm) interface for my robot.

4.And Now the surprise. Im using my wiimote (remote control of the Wii console) for controlling the roborealm (using a combination

of GlovePie and Roborealm)
4.1 I suppose its to difficult (because im trying 2 ) implement the wiimote in roborealm as a interface?
Ricardo Sampaio from Portugal  [32 posts] 16 year
Sorry i made a mistake on the pictures here they are:


Sata 80, wifi, bluetooth

creative live motion

New Index interface

robodude666  [6 posts] 16 year

Thanks for taking a look at it! From the videos on microsoft's website XPe did look a little complex and time consuming.

How much space does your nlite XP install take up, and the XPe? I'm wondering if the hassle of XPe is worth it for the disk space you save.

In the 3rd image, is that a picture of you in XPe?

I took another look at nlite (I never used it before, so I didn't know what it can do) and it looks like very powerful software. Can remove everything thats not needed and also automate the installation process so you don't have to be there.


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