Creative Motion Smooth track
Ricardo Sampaio from Portugal  [32 posts]
16 year
I just buy a Creative Live Motion and start to use it in roborealm.

My 1st surprise is that it just have 5 positions on Y and 13 on X, i was hoping that was like a servo motor and i could get more.

My problem is that i cant get a smooth track of my green object whit it, i devide ther area in 9 zones and if it gets out to some zone other than the midle one it tries to get center.

But when i put it out (example) from the top it get jumping from bottom to top and don't stop in the middle.

aperantly the value its not set to the camera fast enafe.

Other thing is it possible to get the value X Y and zoom from the camera?

thx in advance

Anonymous 16 year

We saw the problem that you were having and have added an "Amount" dropdown to the creative module to allow you to specify the incremental amount of movement. Setting it to something lower than 10 (which was the default) will move the camera less and allow it to stabilize on the target.

You can also grab the camera pan and tilt from the variables


Please download v1.8.0.0 for that update.

Nelson Rojas M from Chile  [3 posts] 15 year
IS Creative_pan & Creative_tilt a parameter that can be extracted from the camera to a variable in roborealm? or is a variable that can be defined to move the camera?
Ricardo Sampaio from Portugal  [32 posts] 15 year
When you plug the camera it centers it self so you know  what values you have when you move it, but if you force left or right (whit your hand for exemple)  the center will be lost.

Anonymous 15 year

CREATIVE_PAN and CREATIVE_TILT are variables created by the CreativeLiveMotion module that estimates those parameters assuming (as Ricardo mentions) that you have not physically moved the camera. Note that the camera is not a very accurate device so these should be regarded as position estimates.

If you add that module and then the Watch_Variables module you should be able to see those variables change when the camera moves.


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