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Alex Brown from United States  [10 posts]
16 year
Hi Steven,

    I’ve been trying to use RoboRealm to play back .avi files as we discussed on Saturday.  I’ve found a few odd phenomena that may be bugs, or maybe I am using the features wrong.

    First, I start with a newly selected RoboRealm window with no filters applied, and I happen to have a camera attached and the camera button is pushed, I see the camera image on the screen.

    So, I select the Media Reader feature and select one of the .avi files which I believe you copied from my robot on Saturday, specifically “ 121742.avi”.  This movie happens to be at 5 frames per second.  I hit the Start button and I see about 1 second of the movie and then the screen reverts to the camera image.  So, I push the camera button twice to deselect it then select it again and it continues to see the camera both when the button was deselected and selected.  If I hit Stop on the media player popup,  I see about 1 second of the movie again before the screen goes back to the camera.

    Now, I tell Media Reader to skip the first 10 seconds and hit start , the movie runs.  This is with the Camera button still selected.  If I deselect the camera button, the movie won’t run.

    Another oddity, I start from the above condition with the camera button deselected and hit Media Player Start button, the screen just shows the camera image and the movie doesn’t run.  If I then select the Canny Edge filter to run after Media Player, the audio of the movie starts running immediately, but the Canny screen isn’t moving (it does show edges apparently based on a single frame).  If I highlight the Media Reader filter, the movie doesn’t show on the screen, but the canny image remains.  In this case, if I turn the camera button off, the movie is running (as can be seen by highlighting that filter, and the Canny edge detector can be seen working by highlighting it.

    So, I guess one basic question is “is the camera button supposed to be on or off when playing a movie?”

    I had one other strange thing happening, which I can’t figure out how to duplicate now but may be a clue, at one point I was attempting to start playing the movie and the audio (only) would play about one second of the movie then start over.  The screen continued to show the camera.  This happened continuously while the screen just showed the camera image.

    We had discussed using the Marker feature to restore the original image to the screen.  While this works for camera operation, it does not appear to have a source selection that will pick up on the movie.  

    On the bright side,  the vanishing point filter seems to be working quite reliably on the movies.  Better, in fact, than it seemed to be working with data direct from the camera on Saturday.  

Thanks for any suggestions,
Anonymous 16 year

You should be able to run both simultaneously .. but typically you should be able to switch off the camera and still have the movie play. It will perhaps give you a little more cpu speed to play with.

The AVI file you have requires a longer timeout than the default had specified. If you use 10000 instead of 1000 (configurable within the Media Reader module GUI) it will work.

The reason the camera image was bleeding through was during the reset time when the video file was erroring on the timeout.

Note that when playing a video file the "source" is essentially not defined. So put a marker after the video play module and refer to that image instead of source as your original image. Source only refers to the image coming from a camera and not the video file. You're responsible for adding a marker after the video file if you want to refer to it. (this also goes for image loading)


Anonymous 16 year

  Your suggestions solve my problems.  The only difference is that my avi only plays if the camera button is selected.  If not, hitting the start button changes its legend to "stop", but the movie doesn't run.  This is no real problem though, I can just run with the camera selected; just thought I'd let you know.


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