Web server Problem with missile launcher
Samumu from Ireland  [6 posts]
16 year
I am trying to control the missile launcher over the web, but i can't, i am stucked with something i can't understand.
Let me explain : i have an apache server running. On one of the pages i want to embed the picture of the webcam, and below the picture i want to add buttons to control the webcam (controlling the missile launcher)

So i followed the tutorial for the orbit webcam

The picture is displayed and refreshed, but when i click on any of the button it sends me an error : Error Setting Variable!

However, when i change the port of the RR web server into 80 instead of 8080, the picture is not displayed (Firefox says : Connection failure !)but the buttons work!

I think there is a conflict with something but i can't see what.

What can i do to solve the problem?

Thank you very much in advance!

Anonymous 16 year

It seems that you are not specifying the port number for the button submission correctly. In your webpage that is being served you have something like

xmlDoc.open("GET", "/set_variables?"+cmd, false);

in the Javascript area that actually submits the button commands back to RoboRealm. However, in your case the buttons are no longer on the page being served by RoboRealm and thus the url will be wrong. The above line would have to read something like

xmlDoc.open("GET", "http://where_roborealm_is_running:8080/set_variables?"+cmd, false);

to ensure that the CGI arguments are passed back to the right server. You will notice that the applet code will also have to have this full url with port number in the url for it to work.

Note all of this is only necessary as you are attempting to embed the controls into another page that is being served by Apache using port 80 and thus the assumed default is no longer valid.

Samumu from Ireland  [6 posts] 16 year
Hi again!

What do you mean with http://where_roborealm_is_running:8080/set_variables?  ?

for example if my internet website is : www.mysite.com
and if RR is in the '/rr' directory (sub folder of mysite.com)

Do u mean : http://www.mysite.com/rr:8080/set_variables?

c:/Program Files/..../directory_of_mysite/rr:8080/set_variables?

thanks again!

Anonymous 16 year
It would be

xmlDoc.open("GET", "http://www.mysite.com:8080/set_variables?"+cmd, false);

The fact that rr is in a /rr folder is meaningless from the network connection point of view as RR is its own webserver.


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